Sunday, March 8, 2009

Opinions on Targeted Ads

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How do you feel about this? Are you afraid that someone could steal your private information through this thing? It's happened before.

But stealing your information isn't the whole issue...
Big corporations are invading your life, spying on you, then bombarding your home with their "targeted ads". The cross-hairs aim for your desires. With each pull from an unseen trigger, your individuality is shot, bleeding out through your retinas. Do you care?

Why let someone tell you what you want? Know what you want! Don't let big businesses speak for you! As soon as you do that, I must apologize. The world is going to turn an awful shade of crap-colored brown. You'll discover targeted ads everywhere.

Has that little gecko with a British accent ever been to my state? Driven my roads? Understood my struggle? The radio ad made it sound like it. He cares about me I know it!

Don't liken the big businesses to self-help organizations.
Telling you what you want isn't a public service.
Corporations aren't out for your well-being... they're out for their own.

I won't be played too by the piper, and neither should you!

"The technology requires no hardware or installation in a subscriber’s home, so viewers may not realize they are seeing ads different from a neighbor’s."

These things happen overnight without forewarning.
Be afraid and be cautious, and if you want, be a part of the solution!

Seriously though, draw your own conclusions,
don't quote me, and write your own dang blog!

Here is another site I found helpful if you're interested.

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