Saturday, March 14, 2009

I still have the black Xs on my hands.

I went to one of those "bar and concert hall" type places. I didn't drink. I'm 20 and there are a measly 3 months until 21 happens. Which... is not much help for the present -- no matter how much I cajole the bouncer.

Which is not much, since I don't drink.
Personal choice.

Anyways, I'm erasing the Xs on my hands. Tomorrow, I'll be going to go see the good old fashioned church folks of Milltown Baptist. It's a missionary conference. I'm a Missionary's son. I have to keep my hair short on account of long hair being satanic. Needless to say, my hair's getting pretty long...This post's shortness due to me going to bed now,

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  1. I got kicked out of a bar that is notorious for letting in underagers with my REAL ID the other night. I'm 24. It never ends.

    lindsay ||